Arlandria Neighborhood Plan Implementation

The Arlandria Neighborhood Plans were adopted by City Council in 2003 to build on Arlandria's strength as a pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use neighborhood. This page provides background information as well as details on Arlandria Action Plan implementation activities.

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    • Mount Vernon Village Center Update: This site was approved for redevelopment by City Council in December 2011 for a mixed-use development with 478 residential units, retail, underground parking, and associated infrastructure and streetscape improvements. The applicant returned to public hearing in May 2015 to request a three-year extension for the approval. City Council approved the extension. In January 2016, the owner of Mt. Vernon Village Center opted not to redevelop at this time, but to list the property for lease with the intent of filling the individual tenant spaces. Retail brokers, Dochter & Alexander, were hired by the property owner to market the Center for lease. The project is known as Del Ray North. My Organic Market (MOM's) has been renovated and expanded leaving 35,000sf of additional retail.  
    • Four Mile Run Restoration Project Information


      In June 2000, a Task Force comprised of community representatives, residents, and business owners was created to assist in the planning for the redevelopment of key sites in the Potomac West area north of Glebe Road, in the neighborhood known as Arlandria. The Task Force identified a vision for the overall area and for two key redevelopment sites, the Safeway/Datatel site and the East Reed Avenue site. Following this work, it was recognized that there were other community concerns that had not been addressed and that there was a need and desire for a long-range plan for the remainder of the commercial property fronting on Mount Vernon Avenue in Arlandria. At the direction of City Council, in January 2002, the City Manager convened the Upper Potomac West/Arlandria Work Group to identify and address the community concerns as well as to advise and assist Department of Planning and Zoning staff in the preparation of the action and vision plans. The Work Group developed an action plan to address neighborhood concerns and issues in the immediate, mid and long term, and a long-range vision plan to guide both redevelopment of the key "opportunity sites" in Arlandria and infill development activities on other commercial sites on Mount Vernon Avenue as set forth in "A Long-Term Vision and Action Plan for the Arlandria Neighborhood."  

      Plan Goals

      Known collectively as the " Arlandria Neighborhood Plans," the Plans were adopted by City Council in June 2003. Broadly stated, the goal of the Plans is to build on the strength of Arlandria as a pedestrian-oriented, mixed use place, encouraging the redevelopment of underutilized sites such as Safeway/Datatel. The Plans consist of two complementary redevelopment plans for the greater Arlandria neighborhood that provide a blueprint for present and future development activities in Arlandria; an interim marketing strategy to strengthen existing businesses and attract new businesses that will both improve the market and encourage redevelopment activities; retail guidelines to improve individual storefronts; and, an action plan to address community concerns with an implementation schedule for immediate, mid and long term improvements. 

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