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The Alexandria Environmental Policy Commission (EPC) was established under Chapter 4, Article M, of the City Code to “advise and make recommendations to the City Council and, where appropriate, to the Planning Commission and City Manager.”

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Established in 1970 by the Alexandria City Council under Chapter 4, Article M, of the City Code, the Alexandria Environmental Policy Commission (EPC) advises and makes recommendations to the City Council and, where appropriate, to the Planning Commission and City Manager, on matters relating to the following:

  • Clean air
  • Land use
  • Noise pollution and abatement
  • Pesticides, herbicides and contaminants
  • Solid waste
  • Water quality and supply
  • Other matters referred to the EPC by the City and citizens
  • Other topics relating to the conservation and protection of Alexandria's environment

The EPC currently consists of 13 members, including from the field of environmental sciences, urban planning, the business community, citizen-at-large members, and a member with experience in Federal or state environmental statues, regulations, and procedures.  The Commission is supported by the City of Alexandria Department of Transportation and Environmental Services (T&ES), Office of Environmental Quality.

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What's New?

Environmental Action Plan 2040 

The updated Environmental Action Plan 2040 (EAP), adopted in July 2019, is the City's comprehensive blueprint for creating a thriving, sustainable community. The City and the Environmental Policy Commission (EPC) collaborated to develop and establish a refreshed, informed, and responsive framework for environmental decision-making going forward.  

Visit the Eco-City Alexandria page to learn more about environmental actions in the City.

Environmental Policy Commission Members  

MICHAEL BAHLEDA, Field of Environmental Science
EAP 2040 Focus Area:  Land Use and Open Space
EPC Lead for the Mirant Site Redevelopment 
Current Term:  June 2020-June 2022
Contact: mbahleda@bahleda.com

EAP 2040 Focus Area:  Transportation
EPC Representative to the Waterfront Commission
Current Term:  June 9, 2021 – June 9, 2023
Contact:  boes509@comcast.net

EDITH CECCHINI, Citizen Member, Commission Secretary
EAP 2040 Focus Area:  Solid Waste and Water Resources
Current Term: October 2019 - October 2021
Contact:  edith.cecchini@gmail.com

EAP 2040 Focus Area: TBD
Current Term: February 2021-February 2023
Contact: Alexander.m.Clark @gmail.com

CYNTHIA ELLIOTT, Field of Environmental Science
Current Term: October 2021-October 2023
Contact: cyn.elliott@gmail.com

NICOLE HECKMAN, Member from the Alexandria Business Community
Current Term: October 2021-October 2023
Contact: naheckman@gmail.com

KATHIE HOEKSTRA, Commission Chair, Field of Environmental Science
EAP 2040 Focus Area:  Climate Change and Energy
Current Term:  October 12, 2021 - October 12, 2023
Contact:  391deltacharlie@gmail.com

EAP 2040 Focus Area: Implementation, Education and Outreach
Current Term:  November 2020 – December 2022
Contact: debiasjl@gmail.com

 MICHAEL OLEX, Commission Vice-Chair, Citizen
EAP 2040 Focus Area: Land Use and Open Space
EPC representative to the Open Space Steering Committee
Current Term: January 2020-January 2022
Contact: mikeolex@aol.com

BRENDAN OWENS, Environmental Laws and Regulation
EAP 2040 Focus Area:  Green Building and Land Use/Open Space
Lead for  North Potomac Yard Development
Current Term:  November 10, 2020 – November 10, 2022
Contact:  bowens@usgbc.org

BILL PUGH, Field of Urban Planning
EAP 2040 Focus Area: Transportation
EPC Representative to the Eisenhower West/Landmark Advisory Group
EPC Representative to the Transportation Commission
Current Term:  June 2020-June 2022
Contact:  william.e.pugh@gmail.com

MARTA SCHANTZ, Field of Environmental Sciences
EAP 2040 Focus Area:  Green Buildings and Land Use/Open Space
EPC Lead for Oakville Triangle Development
Current Term: September 14, 2021 – September 14, 2023
Contact:  martalynne14@gmail.com

FY2022  Meetings and Work Sessions

FY2022 EPC Calendar (July 2021 - June 2022)

Environmental Policy Commission  Meetings

The City of Alexandria’s Planning Commission and Environmental Policy Commission will hold a joint work session at the date and time listed below to discuss possible ways to integrate the Environmental Action Plan (EAP 2040) targets into land use planning and regulation.

November 15, 2021

October 18, 2021

September 25, 2021 - EPC Retreat

September 20, 2021

August 30, 2021

June 21, 2021

May 17, 2021

 April 19, 2021


Minutes March 15, 2021

Alexandria Mobility Plan Staff Presentation

Landmark Redevelopment Plan

Meeting Video

March 15, 2021

February 22, 2021  VIRTUAL: Joint Work Session with Planning Commission

January 25, 2021

  1. Agenda
  2. Budget letter
  3. Minutes of December 2020 meeting
  4. Donaldson Run Stream Report
  5. EAP Update Slides
  6. EAP Gant Chart
  7. EAP Progress Leaves

December 14, 2020

  1. Agenda
  2. Draft Minutes November 16, 2020
  3. Presentation: Jesse Maines: Taylor Run Stream Restoration Project Update
  4. Presentation Rod Simmons: Why Natural Channel Design Projects are Incompatible with Natural Resource Protection
  5. Video of the meeting

November 16, 2020

  1. Agenda
  2. Draft Minutes October 19, 2020 meeting
  3. Presentation Green Sidewalk BMP
  4.  Zoom Recording

October 19, 2020

  1. Agenda
  2. Draft Minutes Sept. 21
  3. Alternative Fuel Policy Slides
  4. EV Charging Strategy

September 21, 2020

  1. Agenda
  2. Minutes of the September 4, 2020 Meeting

September 14, 2020

  1. Agenda
  2. FY 2021 Calendar
  3. Draft Minutes August 17, 2020 Meeting

August 17, 2020

  1. Agenda
  2. Meeting Announcement
  3. Minutes June meeting
  4. Comments to NPY Plan

June 15, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic emergency, the June 15, 2020 meeting of the Environmental Policy Commission (EPC) is being held electronically pursuant to Virginia Code Section 2.2-3708.2(A)(3), the Continuity of Government ordinance adopted by the City Council on April 18, 2020 or Sections 4-0.00(g) in HB29 and HB30 to undertake essential business. All of the members of the EPC and staff are participating from remote locations through Zoom Webinar. This meeting is being held electronically, unless a determination is made that it is safe enough for the meetings to be held in person in the conference room 2000 on the second floor of City Hall at 301 King Street, Alexandria, VA.

Guidelines for meeting conduct may be reviewed here.


Electronic access will be provided for this event and it can be accessed by the public through Zoom hyperlink (below).


Zoom Audio Conference

Dial-in: 301-715-8592

Webinar ID: 934 2238 5626

Password: 991470

March 16, 2020 is cancelled.  The materials below will be deferred to the April 20 meeting.

  1. Agenda
  2. Minutes February 24, 2020
  3. Waterfront Commission Report
  4. Draft City Fuels Policy
  5. Presentation City Alternative Fuels Policy

February 24, 2020 Meeting

  1. Agenda
  2. Minutes January 27, 2020 Meeting
  3. FY21 City Budget Select pages
  4. FY21 Interdepartmental Long Range Plan 

January 27, 2020 Meeting

  1. Agenda
  2. Minutes December 16, 2019 meeting
  3. Sanitary Infrastructure Update
  4. EPC letter to Planning Commission 1.23.20
  5. River Renew SAG Meeting Report 12.16.20

December 16, 2019 Meeting


Staff Report

  1. Encroachment Mitigation
  2. Existing Conditions
  3. Mitigation Chart
  4. RPA Exception 
  5. Sept. 5 
  6. WQIA
  7. Selected Sheets
  8. UDR Newport

Staff Presentation

RPCA Presentation

Energy Staff Presentation

November 18, 2019 Meeting


Meeting Minutes October 21, 2019

EPC Calendar Final FY2020

EAP 2040 Implementation Work Plan

EPC Draft Letter Smart Scale

Resource Protection Area (RPA) Exception Request

RPA Exception Request Process

Presentation: Standing for Tomorrow

Presentation: DASH Electric Bus Program Update

Presentation:  Alexandria Transit Vision Plan Update

October 21, 2019 Meeting


Presentation: WasteSmart Plan 

WasteSmart Progress Chart

RPA Map (Final)

Article XIII Environmental Management (Alexandria Zoning)  (12/7/18)

Meeting Minutes (draft 9/30/19)

September 30, 2019 Meeting


Presentation:  Stormwater Management Strategies 

Alexandria Energy Awareness Month Proclamation 

Alexandria Climate Emergency Resolution (draft)

EPC Budget Recommendation Letter

September 21, 2019 Retreat Meeting



September 9, 2019 Work Session

Agenda and Meeting Package

EPC Annual Report FY 2019

EPC Annual Attendance Report FY 2019

Meeting Minutes 6.17.19

FY2019 Meetings and Work Sessions

Please visit the FY2019 Meetings and Work Sessions page to review all Environmental Policy Commission meeting materials.

FY2018 Meetings and Work Sessions

Please visit the FY2018 Meetings and Work Sessions page to review all Environmental Policy Commission meeting materials.

FY2017 Meetings and Work Sessions

Please visit the FY2017 Meetings and Work Sessions page to review all Environmental Policy Commission meeting materials.

Regular Meeting or Work Session Materials prior to FY2017 available on request. 

Annual Reports

Visit the Environmental Policy Commission Annual Report page to see reports on EPC activities, yearly highlights and leadership.

Additional Information 

Visit the EPC Additional Information page to review Eco-City Progress Reports & Key Environmental Indicators, EPC Letters & Memos along with other additional documents.

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