GIS and Maps

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) centrally manages, shares and analyzes information about locations through specialized mapping technology. This information increases transparency, improves many City technology applications and provides critical data to decision makers and the public.

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GIS Mission Statement

Enable the City to improve communication and decision-making to ultimately better serve the public through the efficient use of Geographic Information.

Online GIS Services

The City of Alexandria’s GIS Emerging Technologies and Advanced Analytics Division maintains several geographic information layers and datasets including addresses, buildings, parcels and roads for use in all City of Alexandria programs and projects as well as collecting GIS data from almost every department in the City of Alexandria. Currently, we do not provide custom maps or other cartographic services to the public; if you are looking for map of the City of Alexandria itself or a specific area/criteria within the City of Alexandria, the following resources below may be useful:

Standard Maps: Explore existing maps ready to download, such as street maps and zoning maps.     
Interactive Maps: Search online maps, easy to use and navigate around the City of Alexandria.
Downloadable Data: Create your own maps using City of Alexandria GIS data and your own software.

Learn More about GIS

What is GIS (Geographic Information System)?

To learn more about GIS, please visit the following website: