Alexandria Mentoring Partnership (AMP)

The Alexandria Mentoring Partnership (AMP), formed in 2006, is comprised of a variety of local mentoring programs with the shared mission of ensuring that quality mentors and mentoring programs are available for Alexandria's youth and young adults in need. With guidance and resources from the Virginia Mentoring Partnership, AMP works to maximize mentor recruitment, screening, and training, and ensure best practice programs.

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Become a Mentor

Mentoring is proven to decrease the risk factors associated with crime, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, poor school performance and gang affiliation.

The Alexandria Mentoring Partnership is currently seeking dedicated, caring and enthusiastic adults to serve the youth of Alexandria. Our City's children need you!

No prior experience is required, and we provide extensive training on how to be an effective mentor.

Currently, one Alexandria Mentoring Partnership program, Casa Chirilagua, seeks volunteers to provide virtual mentoring. Other mentoring programs are accepting applications to start in the fall of 2021.

If you are interested in mentoring a child for at least one hour a week, submit a Mentor Interest Form, or contact the AMP Coordinator at 703.746.4455 or

What Does A Mentor Look Like?

Our Mission, Vision & Background

The work of the Alexandria Mentoring Partnership ultimately supports close to 300 mentoring relationships each year by working with a variety of programs. Many entities are involved with the AMP, including local government, faith-based, and nonprofit organizations, as well as the Alexandria City Public Schools, foundations, businesses, local elected leadership, and individual community members.

Why Mentor?

Mentoring benefits both mentor and mentee in a variety of ways! Mentoring participants, young and old, report greater social connectedness, self-esteem, improved communication skills and much more. The Alexandria Mentoring Partnership works to ensure that these benefits are available to all youth and mentors who participate in mentoring programs.

Looking for someone to mentor a young person? The AMP does not refer youth to mentor programs; referrals to mentoring programs can be made through a school social worker.

Our Programs

The Alexandria Mentoring Partnership represents mentoring programs that that serve children, teens and young adults.  

Our Supporters

In addition to its ten mentoring programs, the Alexandria Mentoring Partnership collaborates with the Virginia Mentoring Partnership, local businesses, community organizations and the Alexandria Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court Service Unit.

Join The Alexandria Mentoring Partnership 

Our collaboration works to support member organizations in maximizing mentor recruitment, screening, and training, and to ensure quality mentoring for all of Alexandria's youth. We are always seeking opportunities to engage both established programs and newer, start-up organizations.