Parking Studies and Projects

Page updated on Nov 17, 2021 at 3:27 PM

RPP REFRESH: An Update to the Residential Permit Parking (RPP) Program

The City completed an initial round of review and updates of the existing Residential Permit Parking (RPP) program, the program that manages on-street parking for residents.  As part of this project, city staff compiled data about the program, researched how other cities manage residential parking, and got feedback from residents about potential changes that could make this program more effective.  This project resulted in an amendment to the City Code sections that establish the RPP Program in December 2019.  

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72-Hour Ordinance Review

At the direction of City Council, the City of Alexandria initiated a review of the City's 72-hour on-street parking ordinance in 2015. This rule prohibits parking in one place for more than 72 consecutive hours on all public City streets--including residential streets.  In May 2017, City Council approved a Code change to allow a pilot program to provide residents with the option to apply for an exemption to the 72-hour rule. Staff are evaluated the exemption provision to in 2019 and recommended that exemptions continue to be allowed. City Council approved the recommendation and updates were made to City Code in Fall 2019.

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Residential Pay by Phone Program

In 2016, City Council approved a pilot program to allow residents on eligible blocks to request residential pay by phone signage.  Staff evaluated the pilot program through community feedback, parking occupancy data, and enforcement information from before and after the implementation of the pilot program to inform a recommendation regarding the future of the residential pay by phone program. On March 16, 2019, City Council approved the staff recommendation to make the program permanent.

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Parking Standards for New Development Study 

At the direction of City Council, the City of Alexandria commenced a study in 2014 to evaluate existing parking standards for development projects and establish updated parking standards for new development projects. The purpose of the study was to review the City's parking standards, which had not had a comprehensive review since 1992, and provide parking standards that reflect existing parking demand and market trends. Non-auto travel (including transit use, cycling and walking) has steadily increased since the City's current standards were set and there are indications that per household car ownership is declining in areas with better access to transit. This project was conducted in two phases, with new multi-family residential parking requirements approved in April 2015 new retail, commercial, and office parking requirements approved in January 2018.

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Review of a Policy for Residential Parking Permits for New Development 

Recent developments have included conditions restricting future residents of new residential buildings from obtaining residential parking permits unless a comprehensive policy is established that outlines when and where this is appropriate.  A number of concerns have been raised about protecting existing residential parking and equity to future residents. In 2017, the Council approved policy to help guide decision-making for new developments in existing parking districts.  

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Del Ray Parking Study 

In May 2016, the City collected parking data for on and off-street parking areas in Del Ray to document existing public parking and assess utilization.  This information will be compared with the data collected in 2010 to identify changes in parking conditions and ultimately develop strategies to better manage parking within the area.  The results of this data collection effort have been summarized in a final summary report .  

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Old Town Area Parking Study

In 2015, the City reconvened the Old Town Area Parking Study (OTAPS) Work Group to continue reviewing and making recommendations on parking management in the Old Town area.  The Work Group will review and discuss potential changes to existing metered parking restrictions, Old Town residential permit parking restrictions and prioritize recommendations for the Traffic and Parking Board and City Council. Meeting materials for the 2015 OTAPS can be found on the OTAPS Work Group webpage.

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Motorcoach Parking

In 2016, the Motorcoach Task Force unanimously approved recommendations for tour bus operations and management.  

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