The recycling program is tasked with providing recycling collection to eligible single-family homes; encouraging recycling at home, school, and work; as well as providing education about recycling and setting up recycling collection programs.

Page updated on Nov 24, 2020 at 1:06 PM

 Recycling is an everyday way to fight climate change. Recycling saves natural resources, energy and money.  

    What's New

    Recycling Implementation Plans (RIP Form) 

    Notifications for the annual Recycling Implementation Plan (RIP form) process will be mailed out on December 1st. This year, the City will use its new APEX permitting system to review all RIP forms submitted through the City's online CSS web portal. Instructions for how to submit your RIP forms will be available on our Recycling at Work page. 

    Glass with Labels and LidsCity Joins Region in Removing Glass from Curbside Collection to Ensure Recyclability

    Effective January 15, 2020, customers who receive City recycling service must bring glass containers to one of the region’s 25 “purple bin” drop-off locations to ensure the glass will be recycled. 

    Recycled Glass Used in Sandbags for Hurricane Isaias Response

    Sandbag_distro On August 3, the City of Alexandria distributed sandbags to residents and businesses in advance of Hurricane Isaias. Some of the sandbags that were distributed were filled with sand made from glass that Alexandria residents have deposited in the purple, glass-only drop-off recycling bins in city and around the region! Glass placed in the bins is processed at a Fairfax County facility, where it is crushed into gravel and sand or recycled into new glass products! So, if you picked up a sandbag and thought it smelled just a little bit like wine, you weren't imagining things; the sand was created, in part, from your recycled wine and beer bottles! Read more about the purple bin program

    Recycle Right Alexandria Sorting Game

    Recycle_Right_AlexandriaThe Resource Recovery Division received the Virginia Recycling Association's "Show Me the Way Award" for the new Recycle Right sorting game! The award recognizes organizations that have taken actions to have a positive impact on people's understanding of how to recycle. The City's new sorting game teaches children age 7 and up to properly sort recyclables, yard waste, and trash. Test your knowledge of sorting using City services and build your own digital Alexandria park. Visit to play!  

    No Plastic Bags in the Recycling Bin

    No Plastic Bags

    Alexandria's recycling processor no longer accepts plastic bags or film of any type in our residential recycling collections. Plastic bags get caught in the sorting machinery creating maintenance shut downs and safety problems for workers. Therefore, please return plastic bags to local grocery stores for recycling. To find the nearest plastic bag drop-off location, click here.


    City of Alexandria Recycling Information

    Recycling at Home

    Information for renters and home owners about what, when, where, why and how to recycle at apartments, condos, home owner associations, and single family homes.

    Recycling at Work

    Information for property managers, tenants and employees about recycling requirements and what, when, where, why and how to recycle at non-residential buildings.

    Recycling On the Go

      Information about recycling at public buildings and special events in the City of Alexandria.

    Recycling Drop-Off Centers

    Information about the City's drop-off recycling centers in the City of Alexandria.

    Glass Recycling

    Information about glass recycling in the City of Alexandria.   

    Where Do Recyclables Go?

    Information about where the City's recyclables go.

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