Tax Assistance and Relief Programs

The City of Alexandria has created several programs to ease the Real Estate and Personal Property tax burden on elderly, disabled and/or economically disadvantaged resident owners.

Page updated on Jan 22, 2021 at 10:50 AM

COVID-19 Tax Relief Application Extension for Elderly and Disabled

Whereas applying for tax relief must typically be done by mid-April, Council desires to provide applicants maximum flexibility during this time of social distancing, and applications received through July 1, 2020 will be accepted as being on time.  If applications are not received prior to billing, adjustments can still be made after the fact for the full amount of relief.  If you have already submitted an application, staff will process as normal.  If applicants have any questions, please contact, or call 703.746.4800.

NOTE:  Please do not send any documents or messages that contain personal or confidential information to City email addresses.  If you need to submit documents that contain personal or confidential information, please email or call 703.746.4800 to request a secure link that will allow secure transmission.


Real Estate Tax Relief for Elderly and Disabled Persons Program

Residents of the City of Alexandria who are 65 years of age or older or who are permanently and totally disabled as of November 15 may be eligible for the City's Real Estate Tax Relief or Deferral Program for Elderly or Disabled Persons.

Personal Property Tax Relief for Elderly and Disabled Persons Program

The City’s Personal Property Tax Relief Program for senior or permanently disabled, City residents allows eligible applicants to be exempt from payment of personal property tax on one vehicle.

Note:  A taxpayer may simultaneously apply for Real Estate Tax Relief and Personal Property Tax Relief using the combined application form. If more than one vehicle is owned, the City will apply the benefit to the vehicle with the highest assessment, subject to certain guidelines.

Real Property Tax Exemption for Veterans with 100% Service-Connected Disability

The City offers a full real estate tax exemption to veterans with total and permanent service-connected disability and their surviving spouses, subject to the terms in Virginia Code § 58.1-3219.5.

Real Property Tax Exemption for the Spouse of a Veteran Killed in Action

The City offers a full real estate tax exemption to the spouse of any veteran killed in action, subject to the terms in Virginia Code § 58.1-3219.9.

Other Assistance Available

For homeowners experiencing financial difficulties, the City continues to offer  payment plans and the  Automatic Bank Debit Program for real estate taxes.  These homeowners may also benefit from programs available through the  Office of Housing and the  Department of Human Services.