Alexandria Court Service Unit

The Alexandria Court Service Unit (CSU) provides services to youth and families involved in the juvenile court system. Functions of the CSU include intake, probation and parole; domestic relations complaints including custody, visitation and child support; protective orders; family mediation and therapy; and crime prevention programs.

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The main function of the CSU is to handle juvenile delinquency and/or Child in Need of Services/Supervision, such as children who are excessively truant from school or exhibit runaway behavior. Depending on the severity, cases may be diverted at the Intake level or petitioned to the court system. If a juvenile is found guilty, he or she may face a variety of consequences, including probation, restitution, community service or court-ordered placement into the Sheltercare Program of Northern Virginia or the Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center.

The Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice protects the public by preparing court-involved youth to be successful citizens. The goal of the Court Service Unit is to provide appropriate services and referrals to all youth and families who become involved in the juvenile court system. CSU staff members complete detailed social history reports to determine the areas of greatest need for court-involved youth. Information gathered in these reports provides the framework for CSU staff to develop case-specific services for the juvenile and the family. 


520 King Street, First Floor 
Alexandria, VA 22314 

Front Desk:

(703) 746-4144 

Hours of Operation: 
Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (with the exception of State and Federal holidays)

Walk-in Intake Hours:
Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm