The Benefits of Mentoring

Mentoring benefits both mentor and mentee in a variety of ways! Mentoring participants report greater social connectedness, self-esteem, improved communication skills and much more. The Alexandria Mentoring Partnership works to ensure that these benefits are available to all youth and mentors who participate in mentoring programs.

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Why Mentor?

Ninety-six percent of mentors recommend mentoring to others. It is a proven national best-practice that decreases the risk of crime, teen pregnancy, gang involvement, drug abuse and poor school performance.  Students are more likely to graduate from high school, make healthier lifestyle choices, build stronger relationships with parents, teachers and peers and demonstrate improved social and emotional skills. Other benefits can be found here.


Mentoring is a great way to become more involved in your community.  By spending time with a child, you will make an investment not only in his or her growth and development, but also in that of the surrounding community. Each empowered, educated child has the potential to give to others like them the same support and care they have received.

Inspire Youth

Mentors guide bright young minds to develop the skills they will need to be the leaders of the future. The mentored child will look to you for the guidance and wisdom that, provided during his or her most impressionable years, will undoubtedly shape the adult he or she will become. 


This is your chance to be Superman, Wonder Woman, or the Incredible Hulk without the inconvenience of tights, leotards or green skin!  As a mentor, the time you spend with your mentee not only adds value and motivation to his or her life, but also to yours. No form of flattery is greater than the adoration of a child. 


As a mentor, you will have the privilege of experiencing a child's inquisitive mind and fresh honesty, although a few bad moods or broody days will likely be thrown in the mix. Though the path may be bumpy and the road may be long, you will enjoy the great moments when you witness your mentee learn a new skill or experience something for the first time.

Meet Like-Minded Adults

Becoming a mentor will introduce you to other service-oriented members of the community.  At information sessions, trainings and events you will have the opportunity to meet adults who share your passion and commitment to helping others. Some mentoring programs even offer group-based mentoring, where you will have greater opportunity to bond and share your mentoring experience with others.

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