Alexandria Fund for Human Services Notice of Opportunity

The Alexandria Fund for Human Services (AFHS) supports human service programs vital to meeting the needs of the Alexandria community with broadly defined service priorities for young children, youth, families, immigrants, seniors and persons with disabilities. The Fund priorities help to ensure that the city’s residents will be served during their times of vulnerability.

Page updated on Mar 1, 2021 at 6:00 PM

The Alexandria Fund for Human Services (AFHS) is the umbrella fund through which the Department of Community and Human Services coordinates and administers competitively awarded grants to nonprofit and community agencies that serve Alexandria’s young children, youth, families, immigrants, seniors, persons with disabilities and low-income individuals. The successful grant recipients offer programs and services that address five Grant Priority Outcomes: 

  1. Children and youth are school and career ready
  2. Children and youth are socially connected, emotionally secure and culturally competent
  3. Individuals, families and seniors are economically secure
  4. Individuals, families and seniors have access to health and mental health resources
  5. Individuals, families and seniors are assisted in preventing and remedying crisis

One Year Extension of FY 2019-2021 Grant Awards

Thank you for your interest in the Alexandria Fund for Human Services (AFHS).  Due to the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to assess the service delivery and grants process going forward, there will be a one-year extension of the current AFHS grant agreements and a delay in the grant selection process.  It is envisioned that FY 2022 will provide the opportunity for the City of Alexandria’s human service network to examine and build upon the programmatic lessons learned which will inform the next funding cycle.  DCHS will be engaging stakeholders in this work and will routinely provide updates on the status of the process, as well as alternative funding opportunities available in FY2022. Descriptions for the 43 programs receiving grant awards during the FY 2019-2021 grant cycle can be found here.

Please direct questions regarding the AFHS to Debbie Brown Anderson at