Department of Project Implementation

The Department of Project Implementation (DPI) was created in 2013 to provide improved focus on the City’s growing portfolio of complex capital infrastructure projects while shortening the delivery timetable of these projects through the application of best-practice project management methods.

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What's New?

DPI Welcomes New Director Terry Suehr  

About DPI

The Department of Project Implementation is responsible for the implementation of capital infrastructure projects, as well as coordinating and planning complex, multi-departmental projects such as the Waterfront Small Area Plan Implementation. Projects include transportation drainage, sanitary sewer improvements, flood mitigation and park design.


Information about active construction projects, including status, location, and schedule information; community meeting announcements; and related links.


Learn more about DPI's projects as they advance through the design process.


Learn more about Department of Project Implementation completed projects such as the Cameron Run Weir Repair, City Marina Dredging, Charles Barrett Elementary School, and more.