Events On Market Square Plaza

Policy for Use of Market Square Plaza for events.

Page updated on Oct 9, 2018 at 12:35 PM

Policy for Use of Market Square Plaza and Application

The Market Square Plaza is for the general use and enjoyment of the residents of Alexandria. Local residents, nonprofit groups and organizations wishing to present or to promote an activity that utilizes the Plaza must make reservations two weeks prior to the desired performance date with the Department of General Services. An application must be completed which describes in detail the proposed use or event. A link to the application is below.

The City of Alexandria offers reserved use of the Market Square Plaza with the understanding that the requesting user will be responsible for all physical arrangements as set forth in the application. Further, the applicant will be expected to leave the Plaza in the same general condition as it was found.

This applicant will be expected to observe general rules in use of the Market Square Plaza. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Limit activity to the area designated and to the time requested.
  2. Signs and banners related to the activity may not be erected more than four hours prior to start time.
  3. The number of signs and banners to be erected must be approved in advance by the City.
  4. Operate electrically amplified sound and sound producers in conformity with the provisions of the City Code and only when included on permit.
  5. No alcoholic beverages may be served.
  6. Sale of food products must be approved by the Health Department.
  7. All applicable provisions for permits and licenses required by the City Code must be met.
  8. Vehicles shall not be permitted to drive or park on the Plaza.
  9. Programs must terminate prior to 6:00 p.m.
  10. The City Reserves the right to cancel or postpone any event to present a program for the public at large.
  11. Major events (over 1,000 attending or use of sound amplification) in Old Town are limited to no more than one such event every other weekend.

For Non-City Sponsored Programs

Local citizens, non-profit groups and civic organizations whose mailing address or function is within the City of Alexandria, may apply to the Department of General Services for a permit to use the Market Square Plaza to present programs and activities of general interest to the public. All expenses incurred by the City will be paid by the sponsoring organization. Upon application for a permit, the applicant will be furnished with a cost estimate for services furnished by the City.

General guidelines for granting a permit to use Market Square Plaza shall be as follows:

  1. All activities shall be open to the general public and no admission may be charged.
  2. Approved activities shall be of interest to the general public and not prevent enjoyment of the Market Square Plaza by the citizens.
  3. Public fundraising sales shall be limited to small (one table) sales of baked goods, raffle tickets, etc. Sale of non-alcoholic drinks in paper cups during programs and activities, sponsored by a non-profit organization, shall be approved by the group sponsoring the activity. All profits shall go to the non-profit organization. All tax and health law compliance shall be the responsibility of the vendors.
  4. In cases where large crowds are anticipated, the sponsor of the activity may be required to purchase liability insurance, naming the City as co-insured.
  5.  There shall be no commercial for profit activities on the Plaza.
  6. Final approval for a non-City event will not be granted prior to three months of the proposed activity date.
  7. Non-City sponsored activities must submit a completed application at least four weeks in advance. Applications will be reviewed within one week of submittal.
  8. The fee for using Market Square Plaza for an event is $50.00 per hour with a four hour minimum and is charged on an hourly basis thereafter. Cash, check, or money order payment is due at the time the application is submitted.
  9. There are additional fees for any support staff that are needed at the event. The City will make the determination as to how many, if any, are needed.

Market Square Application for Events on the Plaza