Standard Maps

These finished Citywide maps target a specific topic and are updated annually where needed.

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Standard Maps Available for Purchase or Download

These three maps are available instantly for free download, or for purchase at the City's of Alexandria's Planning and Zoning counter, located at:

Alexandria City Hall
301 King Street Room 2100
Alexandria, VA 22314


2021 City of Alexandria Base Map | $4.00 per copy

2020 City of Alexandria Street Map | $4.00 per copy

2020 City of Alexandria Zoning Map | $4.00 per copy


Print-Ready maps for Download

Available instantly for free download (not available for purchase).

Alexandria Tax Maps 

Archaeological Resource Areas Map 

Alexandria Biking Map 

Census 2000 Map Set 

Census 2010 Tract Map  

Alexandria Fire Box Map 

Alexandria Historic Resources Map

Parks and Recreation Facilities Map 

Where To Park in Old Town Map 

Alexandria Planning Zones Map 

Real Estate Assessments Map Set 

Residential Parking Districts Map 

Resource Protection Areas Map 

Small Area Plans Map 

Snow Removal Map | Emergency Routes Map

Topography (Contours) Map 

Voting Districts Map 

Waste Management Map 

Zip Code Map 

Other Agency/Other Maps

Available instantly for free download (not available for purchase). 

DASH Bus System Map 

Flood Insurance Rate Map 

Old Town Alexandria Maps 

Marine Clay Areas Map  (large file size)


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