Self-Guided Tours

Explore Historic Alexandria with self-guided tours. Walk or bike with the guidance of brochures, maps and cue-sheets, cell tours, podcasts or apps.

Page updated on Oct 19, 2021 at 2:23 PM

Self-Guided Tours

Explore on foot to learn about African American sites, Civil War hospitals, George Washington’s Alexandria. Specialized brochures feature Jewish and Presbyterian sites in Alexandria. Neighborhoods are featured in brochures of Old Town North and Upper Old Town, and a Women’s History tour is featured on an audio tour. For journeys by bike or scooter, get an Alexandria Bikeways map, or print cue sheets for tours of the War of 1812 or the Civil War Defenses of Washington. Historic Wayfinding and Alexandria Heritage Trail signs will enhance your visit.

Walking Tours

Walking Tours include brochures, apps and podcasts to guide your exploration of Alexandria’s historic streets. Look for specialized tours on African American history, the occupation of Alexandria during the Civil War, women’s history, George Washington and more.

Bike Tours

Bike Tours include maps, cue sheets and historic information. The City of Alexandria is a wonderful place to cycle. Select a portion of the Alexandria Heritage Trail, a Civil War bike trail, or a War of 1812 bike trail.

Wayfinding Signs 

Wayfinding Signs can be found on and around King Street, from the Masonic Temple on Shuter's Hill to the waterfront. They are best explored on foot, or you can see the panels online.

Alexandria Heritage Trail

Alexandria Heritage Trail is a unique 23-mile urban trail, exploring Alexandria’s archaeology and history. Heritage Trail Signs are being placed a number of locations in the City of Alexandria, on the Alexandria Heritage Trail and beyond. 

African American Heritage Trail

African American Heritage Trail: North Waterfront Route: Alexandria’s African American history is told through an online StoryMap and can be experienced in-home on your computer or on your smartphone as you walk the trail along the Potomac River. 

Virtual Tours

Visit selected Historic Alexandria Museums on Google 360 Virtual Tours.

Tour Gadsby's Tavern Museum online for an in-depth visit to each room.