Licenses & Permits

Find out whether a permit is required, the type of permit needed, fees involved, and what requirements are necessary for the activity you want to engage in Alexandria.

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Building & Construction

Permit Center photoPermits are required for most construction and maintenance work of buildings and structures.

Taxes & Licenses

Open for BusinessThe City extends the privilege to engage in a commercial enterprise by issuing a business license. Persons without a business license may not lawfully engage in business. The license, which is often referred to as a permit or certificate of eligibility, must be renewed annually. Businesses, professionals, and occupations that meet all qualifications and legal requirements are eligible to obtain licenses upon application and payment of the license tax.

Family Child Care PermitFamily Child Care Permit

All family child care homes in the City of Alexandria that are not state licensed must register with the Department of Community & Human Services Early Childhood Division.  To care for more than six children you must have an assistant, a state license (call 703.934.1505) and a Special Use Permit (call 703.746.4200 for information).

Food & Health

Farmer's MarketFood, including beverages must comply with food safety laws. Grocery stores or restaurants must have permit before they can operate.

Parks, Athletic Fields & Special Events

Athletic Field Athletic Fields and Outdoor Courts may be reserved, and appropriate fees will be charged.

Public Safety

Concealed WeaponsOne of the City's goals is to maintain law and order, protect persons and property, apprehend persons suspected of crime, direct and control traffic, investigate traffic accidents, and enforce all state and city criminal laws.

Vehicles & Parking

Reserved ParkingThe City's parking enforcement officers regularly patrol to enforce regulations concerning the operation of vehicles as well as stopping, standing and parking on the City's streets. The Treasury Division is responsible for processing the payment of any citation issued by Parking Enforcement and for enforcing the collection of unpaid fines and penalties related to those citations.


Vital Records & Court Services

CourtsInformation on where to obtain vital records such as birth certificates, death records and marriage records.