Charles Barrett Playground

Page updated on Sep 30, 2021 at 11:30 AM

Charles Barrett Recreation Center Playground Renovation

Charles Barrett Playground

Location: 1115 Martha Custis Drive
Charles Barrett Aerial

Description:  The existing Charles Barrett playground is scheduled to be fully renovated. In 2018, over 270 students and parents completed a playground design survey to provide input on the uses and playground needs. The new playground will accommodate group activities, with a variety of modern climbing, spinning and sliding equipment. A new obstacle course designed specifically for children will provide other fitness opportunities. The site's stormwater drainage systems will also undergo upgrades, and may feature rain gardens to capture and filter rainwater. To support student drop off and pickup and improve access to the play area, new pathways and seating will be located around the playground.

Funding: City Capital Improvement funds 

Status: Design 


  • Engineering Design and Regulatory Permitting: July - March 2021
  • Construction Procurement: April - August 2021
  • Construction: September 2021- February 2022
  • Expected Completion: Winter 2022

Contact: To email the Project Manager, click here.

Design Documents

Community Updates

  • March 2020
    The City's Purchasing Department is in the process of re-bidding the engineering design contract.  
    The updated project scheduled is noted above.
  • October 2020
    The engineering design contract was awarded to J2 Engineers.
  • November - December 2020
    J2 Engineers completed the site survey, tree inventory and utility locating.
  • January - March 2021
    J2 Engineers will continue work on the engineering plans and obtain regulatory approvals for the project.