Community Matching Fund Awardees

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View the FY21 Presentation to the Park and Recreation Commission (October 15, 2020)

    1. Lynhaven Gateway Park Improvements
        Applicant: Lynhaven Citizens Association
        Project Description: This project will provide park improvements consistent with the Pocket Park Improvement Plan, including leveling the central mound, installing electrical          power, and placing seating and picnic tables.
        Total Project Cost: $16,000
        Proposed Total City Contribution: $8,000
        Status: Fundraising underway

    2. Luckett Field Batting Cages
        Applicant: Alexandria Little League
        Project Description: This project will help to meet citywide demand for ballfield facilities by adding two batting cages located on the side of the first and third baselines as               recommended in the Luckett Field Park Improvement Plan.
        Total Project Cost: $19,900
        Proposed Total City Contribution: $9,950
        Status: Fundraising complete. Design and procurement spring 2021


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View the FY20 Presentation to the Park and Recreation Commission (May 16, 2019)

  1. Four Mile Run Park Kayak Launch

    Applicant: Four Mile Run Park Conservatory Foundation
    Project Description: This project will hire an engineering firm to design a kayak launch at the end of Commonwealth Avenue in Four Mile Run Park. The design will provide cost estimates to plan for future construction. The FMR Park Conservatory Foundation will seek funding opportunities for construction following design completion. Consistent with the Four Mile Run Restoration Master Plan, near stream amenities recommendations.
    Total Project Cost: $32,000
    Proposed City Contribution: 
    Status: Design

  2. Woodbine Tot Lot Renovation
    Applicant: Make a Wish Foundation
    Project Description: This project will renovate Woodbine Tot Lot, per the “wish” of a child in the neighborhood. Make a wish will hire a designer to work with the community and a contractor to renovate the playground, with Park planning oversight. The playground design will take into consideration the draft Pock Park plan.
    Total Project Cost: $80,000
    Proposed City Contribution: $25,000
    Status: Project completed.
  3. Holmes Run Park Community Garden Improvements
    Applicant: Holmes Run Community Gardeners
    Project Description: Add mulch and compost bins, fencing, landscaping, and storage to the Holmes Run Community Garden.
    Total Project Cost: $15,000
    Proposed City Contribution: $7,500
    Status: Project cancelled.
  4. Parkour Park in Ewald Park
    Applicant: Jonas Neihardt
    Project Description: Build a Parkour Space in Ewald Park, as approved in the Ewald Park Plan Amendment in November 2018
    Total Project Cost: $80,000
    Proposed City Contribution: $25,000 
    Status: Fundraising underway.


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View the FY19 Presentation to the Park and Recreation Commission

  1. Project: Powhatan Park Improvements
    Applicant: Northeast Old Town Civic Association
    Description: This project will replace the thorny shrubs with a low maintenance, hardy shrubs. The new shrubs will not only beautify the Park and remove the safety hazard, it will make the Park more likely to be used for social gatherings and safe play. Per community feedback, removing the thorny shrubs is consistent with the Neighborhood Park Improvement Plan (2016), NECA will work with the Sheriff's Department to remove the existing shrubs and volunteers in the community plant new shrubs. The City match will include purchase and installation of two picnic tables, a water meter and fountain, and two park benches.
    Requested amount from city: $22,500
    Amount from organization: $5,000 +16+ 2,000 volunteer hours
    Project Total: $45,000
    Status: Project complete.
  2. Project: Monticello Park Improvements
    Applicant: Alexandria Country Day School
    Description: Alexandria Country Day School (ACDS) proposes to work with the City of Alexandria to inventory the tree and plant species, add educational signage regarding trees and birds, clean the stream bed, and make improvements to the picnic area, such as additional seating, at Monticello Park by involving current ACDS students, alumni, local birders, and the neighboring community. ACDS’ science department would direct the research portions of the project as part of its middle school science curriculum. Second grade students study habitats and biomes, and they spend a unit focusing on birds and can expand their focus to the birds in Monticello Park. Working with guidelines from the City, the lower school and middle school students will design signage identifying the trees and describing their role in the ecosystem. 
    Requested amount from city: $5,000
    Amount from organization: $4,000 + 40 hours of volunteer time
    Project Total: $10,000
    Status: Project complete.
  3. Project: Simpson Triangle
    Applicant: Simpson Triangle Improvement Group
    Description: This project will improve the vacant parcel at the corner of Bellefonte and Route One by adding trees, meadow plantings, wildflowers, paths, and group boulders for seating. The objective is to experience nature and enjoy relaxing outdoor activities as passive addition to Simpson Park, provide a natural habitat for wildlife, and create a more pleasant walk for commuters from the Route One bus to Del Ray. It is consistent with the 2014 Simpson Park Improvement Plan.
    Requested amount from city: $22,500
    Amount from organization: $22,500
    Project Total: $45,000
    Status: Project complete.
  4. Project: Lee Center Playground Improvements
    Applicant: Kelley Cares
    Description: The playground has not been updated since it was built in 2004 and lacks many features that would make it truly accessible for people of all abilities to use, especially for those in wheelchairs. This project proposes the addition of tactile walls, a refreshed play surface, widened walkways, wheelchair ramps, and new playground equipment that would help to modernize the space, making it more useful for participants of the Therapeutic Recreation Program and beyond. The refreshed playground would also help tie in the Ruthanne Lodato Memorial Playground which was put into place in 2015, making it a larger and fuller playground experience.
    Requested amount from city: $22,500
    Amount from organization: $22,500
    Project Total: $45,000
    Status: Project is substantially complete.
  5. Project: Ramsay House Garden Renovation
    Applicant: The Garden Club of Alexandria
    Description: The Ramsay House Visitor Center for the City of Alexandria welcomes many tourists and residents at the house and garden daily, and is the gathering place for tours in Old Town. The 1956 garden design is in need of renovation and has fallen into disrepair. Ramsay House employees approached The Garden Club of Alexandria asking for assistance in renovating the garden. The plan creates an accessible pathway from the North Fairfax Street entrance and brick terraces with additional seating, including five benches and a stone seat wall. These improvements, along with new plantings, a water fountain, cell phone charging station, and historical well marker, will better serve the functional needs of the thousands of people who use the Visitors Center each year, and will create an oasis for residents of Alexandria and an educational opportunity for Alexandria school students.
    Requested amount from city: $22,500
    Amount from organization: $84,000
    Project Total: $106,500
    Status: Project complete.
  6. Project: Hunter/Miller Park Improvements
    Applicant: Hopkins House
    Description: This project would retrofit the playground to include play equipment for children ages 2-5. This would allow the Hopkins House Helen Day Preschool Academy students as well as young kids in the neighborhood to safely use the park. 
    Requested amount from city: $6,618
    Amount from organization: $6,618
    Project Total: $13,237
    Status: Project complete.


View the FY18 applications  
View the FY18 presentation to the Parks and Recreation Commission (May 2017)

  1. Compost Processing Centers
    Organization: Compost Alex 
    Project Description: This project will construct pilot processing sites that can process food waste material locally. These sites also act as a demonstration of the community's ability to properly compost food waste. As the number of food waste drop-off contributors continues to grow, they will be bettered informed and able to be involved in the community composting system that they directly influence. 
    Matching Fund Contribution: $12,000 | Total Project Cost: $26,000
    Status: Construction underway (Summer 2018)
  2. Witter Softball Field Upgrades
    Organization: TC Williams High School Softball Boosters 
    Project Description: This project will enhance Witter fields to respond to growing softball program and site use. Enhancements include: dugout gutters installation, press box purchase and installation, permanent fencing for bullpens, bleacher canopies, and dugout fencing. 
    Matching Fund Contribution: $15,000 | Total Project Cost: $55,000
    Status: Project complete.
  3. Ben Brenman Ballfield Enhancements
    Organization: Alexandria Little League 
    Project Description: The project includes the construction of a new scoreboard and the addition of a linear split batting cage on the first base side of the diamond outside of the fields fence line. Currently, Alexandria Little league has access to only one City owned field with a scoreboard and working batting cages. 
    Matching Fund Contribution: $25,000 | Total Project Cost: $50,000
    Status: Project Complete.
  4. Nancy Dunning Garden 
    Applicant: Patricia and Kate Moran 
    Project Description: The Nancy Dunning Garden, located at the corner of Mt. Vernon Ave and Commonwealth, will be a place for peace and reflection amidst the bustle and prosperity of the neighborhood. Site improvements will include new paving and seating. 
    Matching Fund Contribution: $24,000 | Total Project Cost: $48,000
    Status: Project complete. 
  5. Colasanto Pool Site Improvements 
    Applicant: Del Ray Gateway Project 
    Project Description: The old Colasanto pool has been closed since 2010. Since then, the old pool has remained a visual eyesore and dead space at the intersection that welcomes people into Del Ray. The matching fund will provide money for site activation including a ping pong table, bollard removal, fence realignment, chairs/hammock, shade structure, and tricycle track. The City and Applicant are working towards a long-term project that aims to convert the pool to a sprayground. The items purchased through the matching fund project will not preclude future site re-development and can remain on the site after the spray ground conversion is complete. 
    Matching Fund Contribution: $24,000 | Total Project Cost: $48,000
    Status: Project canceled. Fundraised money transferred to long-term sprayground conversion project (to be designed in 2020 and constructed in 2022).


  1. The Charles Houston Advisory Council: $25,000 
    To develop a model teen center within existing space at the Charles Houston Recreation Center.
    Status: COMPLETE
  2. Alexandria Soccer Association: $15,000
    To provide existing court enhancements to upgrade and support community Futsal program at Four Mile Run Park.
    Status: COMPLETE
  3. Four Mile Run Conservatory Foundation: $5,000
    To install water-bottle and jug filling stations at the two highest-use fields in the City, those at Simpson Stadium Park and Witter Recreational Fields where there is currently no outdoor access to drinkable water; wall-mounted ADA-accessible stations installed on the existing built facilities.
    Status: COMPLETE
  4. PKMove: $5,000
    To  purchase a Pop-up Playground and two portable mats to expand and increase participation in free weekly Parkour lessons for senior citizens and other special populations in our city parks. 
    Status: COMPLETE

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View the presentation to the Park and Recreation Commission on September 15, 2016