Park Information

Listing of all the parks in the City of Alexandria and relevant information.

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Alexandria Park Facts 

Founders Park 

Did you know the City of Alexandria has... 

  • More than 900 acres of protected open space, including public right of ways, privately owned public space and conservation easements, institutionally owned open space, and 566 acres of City owned park land
  • 20,000 Street Trees
  • 2 Community Garden Sites totaling 200 individual plots
  • 62 Boat Slips at the City Marina
  • 49 Multi-use Athletic Fields (5 - synthetic)
  • 41 Playground Areas
  • 45 hard surface courts including basketball, futsal and tennis 
    • 20 Miles of Trails
    • 18 Dog Parks (6 fenced and 12 unfenced)
    • 5 Picnic Shelters
    • 1 Indoor Pool
    • 3 Outdoor Pools
    • 7 Community Recreation Centers
    • 1 Nature Center
    • 1 Arts Center

    The Park Operations Division of the Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities manages and maintains the park system within the City of Alexandria. For additional information, please call 703.746.5484.

    Park and Recreation Facility Naming Policy

    On September 4, 2019 City Council approved the "Naming and Renaming Policy and Procedures for City Public Parks and Recreation Areas & Facilities." The policy establishes a consistent approach for the official naming and renaming of City public parks, recreation areas and facilities. Parks, recreation areas and facilities include all property owned by assets under the City’s ownership and/or under the control of the City’s Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities including but not limited to buildings, structures, open space, public parks, natural areas, wetlands, and environmental habitat.

    Specifically, the policy (full policy text here):

    1. Provides a clear definition of City resources applied to this policy;
    2. Establishes a consistent process for encouraging public participation in the naming, renaming and dedication of parks, recreation areas and facilities;
    3. Establishes and identifies two naming processes: “Community Driven Solicitation” and “City-led Solicitation”; and
    4. Defines the role of City Council, through the City Council Naming Committee, in the naming and renaming process for parks, recreation areas and facilities. 

    If a community group or individual is interested in submitting a name recommendation, they may send a letter to the Director of the Department of Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Activities either by mail or e-mail. The submission must include the justification for the proposed name, including how the name meets the criteria in the policy, at least one letter of recommendation from representatives in the community, such as a community organization (HOA/Civic Association), and an explanation of any additional information on a community outreach process.

    PARKnerships with RPCA

    The PARKnership Program oversees partnerships, sponsors, volunteers, and donations for the development, design, construction and operation of recreational and park facilities and/or programs with the intent to support the Department of Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Activities’ goal for a healthy and thriving City of Alexandria. For additional information on how to PARKner with the City, visit


    The Adopt-a-Garden program is a cooperative venture between the City of Alexandria and its citizens. Through an agreement with the City, an individual, community, or group assumes responsibility for assisting in the maintenance of a garden located on public property.  The program was created after many involved citizens and organizations expressed interest in creating new gardens on city property or maintaining existing city gardens.

    More Information and Application


    The Adopt-a-Park program is a cooperative venture between the State of Virginia, the City of Alexandria, and Alexandrian citizens to improve the appearance and condition of Alexandria’s small urban parks and open spaces.

    Community groups monitor and clean up their park at least once a week from April through November. City officials visit these parks once a month and award points based on the park’s condition. At the season’s end, cash awards are made to participating groups based on the points earned. Community groups can use the awards to fund their own activities or donate them towards park improvements such as benches, additional play equipment, drinking fountains, and landscaping.

    How do participants benefit?

    • Adopt-a-Park provides citizens an opportunity to volunteer and improve their park and environment. Your organization can benefit through an increased sense of ownership and involvement in your community. The once-a-month inspections lead to cash awards at the end of the season.

    Who can participate?

    • Permanently established community or public organizations, businesses, or government entities within the City of Alexandria can participate. Groups will need a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to receive the monetary award at the end of the season.

    How do I get my group involved?

    • Submit an Adopt-A-Park Volunteer Application to the Department of Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Activities for review and a Department representative will contact you shortly. 

    Athletic Field & Outdoor Court Reservations 

    Athletic Field and Outdoor Court Request Form
    Athletic Fields and Outdoor Courts may be reserved, and appropriate fees will be charged. To make a request to reserve a field or outdoor court, complete an Athletic Field and Outdoor Court Request Form. For reservation rates, view the Fee Schedule. For additional information, call 703.746.5402.

    • For field closure information, call 703.746.5597.

    Facility & Park Rentals

    No matter the occasion, City of Alexandria has a venue to suit your needs. City parks and facilities are great for parties, receptions, weddings, meetings and more. Indoor facilities are available for rental year-round and picnic areas are available for rental April-October, beginning March 1. For additional information, click here.

    Special Events & Activities

    The City of Alexandria is committed to facilitating a wide range of special events that highlight the diverse communities within the City. For additional information on how to apply to hold a special event, click here or call Events & Open Space Activation at 703.746.5418.