Park Planning & Capital Projects

The Park Planning, Capital Development & Waterfront Division is committed to relating the park and recreational needs of Alexandria's residents to long range planning and future projects. The Division provides overall direction for park planning and planning is accomplished through collaboration with the community, City commissions and City agencies.

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Current Projects 

July 2019 - June 2020 Project List (Update as of October 2019)

Park Naming Policy

The purpose of the policy is to ensure a consistent approach for the official naming and renaming of City public parks, recreation areas and facilities. The policy was adopted by Alexandria City Council on September 10, 2019 (Item 35: 19-2378).

City of Alexandria Naming and Renaming Policies and Procedures Public Parks and Recreation Areas & Facilities

Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment

The City of Alexandria Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities conducts citywide Needs Assessment survey bi-annually to establish priorities for the future development of Alexandria’s parks, recreation, cultural facilities, programs and services based on identified community needs.

Park Studies

    Park Plans  

    Landscape Guidelines

    The purpose of the Landscape Guidelines is to incorporate, up-front ecologically based planning as a means of improving the quality of the environment within the City while reducing maintenance requirements and costs over-time. The Landscape Guidelines establish minimum standards for the protection and preservation of existing vegetation; crown area coverage; installation and maintenance of proposed plantings-including street trees, site plantings, plantings above structure and plantings in parking and bioretention areas. The standards include reference sources for plant specification; project conditions and installation; advise on invasive species; post construction procedures and maintenance. Information in the Landscape Guidelines is not intended to replace, but to supplement applicable codes, ordinances and development procedures. In any given application the City may require additional improvements and plantings beyond the established minimums. The Landscape Guidelines are intended for use by property owners, developers, and applicants seeking Site Plan, Plot Plan, Development Special Use Permit, and/or Special Use Permit approval within the City of Alexandria, Virginia.

    Park Facility Standards Manual

    The Park Facility Standards Manual (Standards) establishes minimum design, construction and performance expectations for the City’s park features. The intent of the Standards is to inform and guide park and open space planning, capital improvements and capital maintenance and to sustain life-cycle resource investments in public space. The Standards are a reference instrument for selection of materials, fixtures, and systems. The Standards integrate City criteria, industry standards and applicable Federal/State/City requirements into a primary-single source document. Anticipated benchmarks for performance, function, safety, environmental impact, and anticipated maintenance/life-cycle resource needs are established by each Standard.

    Established in Summer 2012, the Park Facility Standards Manual is a living document that is updated and re-evaluated coincident with advancements in industry, changes in the City’s park and open space system, and recreational needs.

    The 2021 update of the Park Facility Standards Manual included a review and revision of each standard to reflect current industry trends and technological advancements. Many new standards were added during the update, such as LED lighting options and permeable surfaces.

    Information in the manual is not intended to replace or function as specifications, construction documents, or contract documents.

    Park Facility Standards Manual —(Full PDF) Current as of January 15, 2021