Environmental Plans

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Environmental Plans

Greenventory CoverThe City of Alexandria has adopted a variety of plans and policies that provide the framework for creating a more sustainable future.  Please review the Plans below for more information about the efforts the City of Alexandria has implemented over the past several years.

Current Plans

Environmental Action Plan 2040 (adopted 2019)

The Environmental Action Plan 2040 is an update of the EAP 2030 and includes emerging technology, evolving infrastructure needs, and new approaches to reducing the City and community’s impact on the environment. The EAP 2040 is focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation.  This Plan will serve as an informed and responsive guide for environmental decision-making. To learn more, read the EAP 2040 or visit the Environmental Action Plan 2040 pagefor updates!

Green Building Policy (2019)

Green Buildings have been identified by the City as a major component of its commitment to sustainable development. City Council adopted the 2019 Green Building Policy on Saturday, June 22, 2019. To learn more about green buildings in Alexandria, visit the Green Building in Alexandria page!

Eco-City Annual Progress Report & Key Environmental Indicators (2016)

Annually, all City departments report on how well their department is performing.  The most recent Progress Report was produced in 2016. You can also learn more by reading the memo to City Council.  Refer to the the Environment Action Plan dashboard for more up to date progress.

City of Alexandria Energy and Climate Change Action Plan (adopted 2011)

The City of Alexandria Energy and Climate Change Action Plan 2012-2020 (ECCAP) was adopted in 2011 and builds on the work done in developing the EAP2030 by providing information on policies and measures that the City is already undertaking, as well as possible new measures under consideration, to achieve the City‘s climate change goals. Stay tuned for the City’s updated Energy and Climate Change Action Plan scheduled to be release in FY2021!

GreenVentory (2007)

In 2007, the Eco-City Alexandria team, which included staff, the Environmental Policy Commission and students from Virginia Tech, conducted an inventory of existing City programs to create Eco-City Alexandria: A Green-Ventory of City Environmental Policies, Plans and Programs.

Past Plans

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