King Street Retail Corridor Maintenance

Page updated on Jan 31, 2020 at 10:22 AM

What's New?

Old Town Clean Team: A Team Dedicated to Enhancing the Overall Appearance of King Street 

Did you know that the City of Alexandria has an Old Town Clean Team that works tirelessly to make the King Street corridor a clean, inviting place to visit? If you see City workers out on King Street emptying cans or cleaning sidewalks, please say hello!

King Street Retail Corridor Maintenance 


What is it?

The beautification of King Street from the Potomac River to the King Street Metro Station.

What does it include?

The King Street Retail Corridor Maintenance Plan includes cleaning the sidewalks, streets, and light poles along the corridor.  Staff are on King Street daily clearing sidewalks, sweeping the streets, emptying the trash and recycling canisters, collecting leaves, and performing other necessary tasks to maintain a clean and welcoming appearance.  The table included below provides more detailed information regarding these tasks and their frequency.

The Plan also includes repairing the sidewalk, curb, light poles, tree wells, and other structures along the corridor.  If you see an item in need of repair please report it online.

Who is responsible?

City employees from Transportation & Environmental Services, Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities, and General Services work hard to keep the corridor clean but everyone can help. Please remember to dispose of any trash and recycling in any of canisters provided along the corridor.  If you notice a problem, please report it online .

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King Street Maintenance Service Levels