Bicycle Parking at Transit

This grant-funded project will install bicycle parking amenities at locations across Alexandria

Page updated on Aug 18, 2020 at 6:37 PM

Project Background

Using a bicycle continues to grow as a viable option for people traveling within, to, and through Alexandria. This is in large part due to on and off-street bicycle network improvements, both in the City and the region at large. To enhance mobility options and transportation management, the City will further improve the viability of using a bicycle through the provision of bicycle parking facilities at transit stops, locations with demand proximate to transit and public facilities. The project is funded in full through grant funds.

Improvements Expected

The majority of improvements funded through this project include racks, concrete pads and associated fix-it stations. This project also provides for the implementation of bicycle shelters at transit-proximate demand points. Installation of these improvements is scheduled for Spring and Summer 2021.


See the map below for the locations where bicycle parking amenities will be installed.