Duke Street and West Taylor Run Project

Page updated on Oct 15, 2021 at 11:32 AM

What’s New?

There are a number of longer term projects along the Duke Street corridor to improve mobility and traffic congestion.  While the ultimate construction of this intersection and the additional access ramp to Telegraph Road are longer term projects, staff is considering short term solutions that could more immediately address the neighborhood cut-through traffic concerns voiced by the community.  With new access to a data management platform, the City is better equipped to evaluate changes and understand the impacts to the community.  Information will be published later this month regarding potential pilots to test short term solutions that could inform the larger project plans and design.  

Project Background: 

The Duke and West Taylor Run Parkway intersection has been the topic of discussion for a number of years and was identified as a high crash location through the City's Vision Zero Program.   The Central Alexandria Traffic Study (CATS) Task Force took comprehensive look at traffic issues in the area and included among the final recommendations that City staff pursue short- and long-term improvements to the intersection of Duke Street, and West Taylor Run Parkway and their impacts on surrounding neighborhoods.   The City began to address the recommendations immediately and sought funding for both short and long term solutions.  The city was then awarded $5.7M funds from Virginia’s Smart Scale Program contributing to the redesign of the West Taylor Run Parkway intersection, as well as additional access to Telegraph Road interchange.

 In February 2019, the City hosted a community meeting to get input on the concerns and issues at the intersection of Duke Street and West Taylor Run Parkway. The  staff presentation discussed the timeline, funding and process for community engagement for both the short and long term recommendations for this project.  The project was put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic due staffing needs for other City priorities.   

Project Phases and Timelines:

            • Multimodal Transportation Analysis and Concept Design - Fall 2021
            • Community Outreach/ Engagement - Fall 2021-Spring 2022
            • Final Design - Summer-Fall 2022
            • Construction - 2023/2024 (Potential for short term mitigation implementation earlier)

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